Not receiving push notifications on iOS

Hi all,

It’s most likely me, I’m still figuring out ST, so please bear with me.

I receive SMS notifications just fine, and I see my devices triggering just fine in the recent activity lists…I just am not getting any push notifications on my iPhone.

I’ve logging out and back into the app, and double-checked my iOS Settings, and all looks well there.

Any tips?


Mine started two days ago not sending me SMS notifications. My system has worked just fine for over a year. Don’t know what is going on.

Same here, Any solutions?

Can you provide more details? One post above says they can’t receive push notifications, the other says they are not getting sms messages. What are you trying to get messages for exactly.

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Downloaded the new Smartthings app to iPhone over a week ago. Have enabled all push notifications in app and in settings. Not receiving any. Used to get all notifications in classic app. My wife only gets a quick banner with no sound. Any solutions?

What are you using to send notifications… WebCoRE, automations?

Hello everyone, I like a lot of other people am starting to check out the new smartthings app. I do use webcore a lot for smartthings and for the most part it seems to be working for what i need. I am having trouble with the notifications from webcore. I was able to figure out that you have to select “store in messages” to be able to receive push notification in the new smartthings app, I have not tried SMS yet (i dont typically use sms). There is a piston that i use that i want webcore to log in the messages section of smartthings but not send a push or an sms notification. There are three notification options in webcore, 1. send push notification 2. send sms notification and 3. send notification. In the smartthings classic app the “send notification” option just puts a message in the smartthings app, that is what i’m looking for in the new smartthings app. Unfortunately, it does not seem that the “send notification” option is not storing in messages like it did in smartthings classic. Does anyone have any experience on getting this to work. I don’t want a push notification or a sms notification, I only what the message to be stored in the smartthings app “messages” section. Thank you

Send notification does not work in the new app as that function is not available like the Classic. The only two options you can use with the new app are; send push notification and store in messages or SMS. Also send push notification by itself does not work… you have to add and store in messages to it.

ok thank you for the info, kind of bummed, like everyone else that new smartthings app is a step backwards from the smartthings classic app but i guess all we can do it wait for them to make it better.