Push notifications suddenly stopped working

I have just noticed my push notifIcations have stopped working - I haven’t changed any settings and notifications are set to ON in the settings on my iPhone. They usually trigger when door sensor opened, washing machine finishes (via SmartThings power outlet) etc but over the last few days they are no longer working. I’m wondering if this is as a result of a software update eg iOS, ST app update etc. Wonder if anyone has any ideas?

one thing to try… uninstall the app and reinstall. note: this will cause you to lose your current dashboard arrangement of the app.

What about for individual devices? I’m not sure how that works on iOS with ST, but on the Android ST version, tap on Notifications (not to turn it all on/off). This brings up toggles for each device. @jkp , do the iOS version do that too? I noticed that I stopped getting notifications from my Samsung appliances, and it turned out the individual device notification was somehow toggled off.


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Everything is turned on as it should - interestingly they are coming through on iPad Pro and not on my iPhone 11 anymore although notifications turned on for ST and all others. I have just installed ios 14.5 on the iPhone so I’m wondering if it’s a bug in that as it seemed to coincide.

Try my suggestion. That is what I did to resolve it when it happened on my iphone

Note: there is one nasty bug I failed to mention :grin:

When you remove the iOS app and reinstall… scenes disappear from the dashboard. Only way I found to get them back is to delete/create the scenes. Very annoying.

I guess you can say it is a scene killer. I have gotten rid of all scenes except one