Push Audio Ideas?

I’m brainstorming for an idea to use an old android cell phone to do the same thing the Sonos integration does…

IFTTT would work but has an unacceptable delay for events. Is there a way to use Tasker or a push service to send TTS events to a phone?

It would be amazing to be able to use a cell phone to accomplish the same features as our Sonos integration!


OK…I have a solution to do much of what Sonos does. It’s hard for me to justify a $250 device to play audio events. I already have many ways to play music in the house.

I am using an old android phone (Galaxy Nexus) paired with a bluetooth speaker. I turned on the accessibility setting “Talkback” and it reads texts messages aloud. Since the phone does not have cell service or a number I am using Google Voice to receive texts from ST’s.

Then I add the Google Voice number to all the apps for text notifications and my phone reads the texts aloud.

Now I need to figure out how to broadcast the weather and music. Poor man’s Sonos!!!


This has me interested. May be able to use Tasker + AutoCast + AutoNotification to send audio through TV or receiver with chromecast. Instead of Google Voice texts, I may try using pushover, which allows sending messages to individual devices. I already have one ST smartapp that I copied/modified that uses pushover to send messages without first going through IFTTT or email

I’m using a Raspberry Pi that can play MP3’s or text-to-speech based on events.