Text to Sonos

I good idea will be to text my home and announce it over the sonos speakers. For many reasons this can be a very cool app.

I am not sure if this can be done with the IFTT channels (since they still offering the text feature).

But how cool will be to text a number and be announced over your sonos speakers !!!

Any Ideas?
I can offer my help in coding/ AWS servers etc.

IFTTT + CoRE/ST will do the trick. Enable expert mode in CoRE. Create a piston in CoRE with IFTTT as trigger (you’ll need to figure out the dashboard URI and use it in IFTTT’s Maker channel). Scroll down to Import event data into variables. Make sure in IFTTT to send the ingredient over through the Maker channel. Then in CoRE just select the Sonos speaker and have it playText {ingredientName} from IFTTT. Use { } around the variable name to have the variable replaced for its value.