Notify with Sound - Skipping event generation

Hi all,
After quite a learning curve I finally ALMOST have the SmartApp “Speaker Notify with Sound” working, but still one more issue…

My SmartApps
Speaker Notify with Sound (Copied from template and un-modified)
MediaRenderer (Connect)

I have connected ST to an Android GalaxyS4 with the full version of BubbleUPnP.
In the ST App I can successfully trigger the play and pause functions from the Things menu. The Android will play/pause whatever track is in the current phone’s playlist.

The Problem
I cannot get the SmartApp “Speaker Notify with Sound” to play sounds on the Android. Looking at the live logs, it seems my problem is related to this:

Speaker Notify with Sound: trace: takeAction()
Speaker Notify with Sound: trace: Exiting takeAction()
Android Galaxy S4: trace: Skipping event generation for sound file

I have tried numerous other sounds and they all play fine directly in Chrome.
Why is it “skipping event generation”. That can’t be good right? Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!

Sounds like the same issue thats effecting Text to Speech at the moment - Smartthings have now pulled the function so it wont work (correctly). They are working on another solution, however this will be a big release so I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon.

Thanks @deano12. That is depressing news!

Can anyone at Smartthings help out…
A time frame on the new solution?
Is there any reliable way to have my speakers play a custom sound for different events? Even if I need Sonos speakers, just curious if there is any option today.


Speak to @ule about his smartapps and device types. He may be able to help you out.

I’ve seen @ule come up many times in my research on this forum. I somehow landed with my above described approach. I am more than willing to try something else though. I simply must have my house talk to me dammit :slight_smile:

Thanks @deano12

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I was hoping you could take a quick look at this and maybe offer some advice. I would be grateful for your expertise…

When triggering the SmartApp “Notify with Sound”, the Live Event Logger displays the following trace event:
Android Galaxy S4: Skipping event generation for sound file

As you can guess, no sound is played.

I have confirmed that the mp3 is available, and I can send play/pause commands to my Galaxy S4 using the ST app “Devices” tab. It just doesn’t work when I trigger the SmartApp (I’ve tried one or two others as well).

@deano12 mentioned this seems like part of a bigger ST issue that will hopefully be addresses in the future.
Do you have any insight into the above trace event? Or do you agree that “Notify with Sound” and similar SmartApps are hopeless for the time being?


Hi @Joe_Hakooz, The log “Skipping event generation for sound file …” means the file will not be added to track list , because is a voice message, the track list is where you can select the music you have played before.

Please answer :

1.- What Media renderer software are you using in the Galaxy ex(monkey, dancer, bubble, etc)?

2.- Could you play a music to your player by a external control point like (denon, technics, etc)?

3.- Could you stop the music from the smarttings app ?

4.- could you play a sound with the mediarenderer messages app (action = sound )?


Thanks so much for responding @ule
Sorry for the delay. I was hoping to have all your questions fully answered and tested.

In doing so I gave up and decided to get two Sonos One speakers. They should arrive tomorrow and I’m hoping the Sonos Notify with Sound SmartApp works well.

Thanks again for your time!