Rocki = Cheap Sonos Alternative?

Has anyone figured out a way to integrate Rocki into their smarthomes? It’s says that they are planning to release the api but they are currently focusing on the apps. Take a look.

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Bumping this because it looks like it would be a great alternative to Sonos. Of course, I would love to see airplay support…but that is another topic. :slight_smile:

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+1 for Rocki integration. It’s way cheaper than Sonos and they are working on an API.

Looks like it already has an API to play and stop music.

Oh, wow. The ability to play from a URL means we could mimic the Sonos speech ability in ST. Example:

  • Use IFTTT to save the weather to an audio file.
  • Save that file to DropBox
  • API call to play audio file to a Rocki in kitchen when I dog downstairs in the morning



I’m working on ST + Pushbullet integration. Unfortunately life gets in the way, so it takes linger than I hoped.

My vision is that SM will be able to send push notifications to a device and that device (a cheap Android tablet) will be able to act on those notifications (for example Text To Speech via Tasker).

One of my end goals is having announcements for the price of an Android tablet.

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@625alex I have been thinking about using old android phones in addition to IFTTT. Instead of pushbullet I was thinking about using Gmail. I would have ST trigger IFTTT to send a labeled email, related to the triggering event, to a Gmail account on said old phone. The old android phone would have a custom voice or sound file that would play on receipt of each labeled email.

Pushbullet allows you to intercept and forward all (Android) notifications which would enable ST to act on them. The advantage of this is turn a Pushbullet client (smartphone, desktop) into a “device”.

The possibilities with Pushbullet, Pushover, IFTTT, etc are endless.

@urbanrosion BTW, how do you get ST to trigger IFTTT to send an email?

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Hey @625alex, I just use a recipe: If smartthings sensor open then send me an email. I make the subject unique to “sensor open” and put a filter in gmail that labels said email and plays the sound notification corresponding to that label.

anyone ever hear of this airmobi?

they sell on amazon and in us, and ive seen reports of it working well on other forums… basically same as rocki as far as i can tell, slightly cheaper…

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do you think rocki will be a choice in the standard app to do things with soon? debating purchase

Personally, I wouldn’t count on soon. If you are planing on outfitting your house with multiple audio units, it may be worth the wait.

or invest in sonos? =P

Keep an eye on the HAM project @scottinpollock is working on as well. As soon as I get back from vacation, I’ll be all over that app!

So, have anyone tried Rocki? It’s on Amazon for $49. I’m looking for inexpensive options to add voice notifications for my smart home.

Hello guys, I have now 5 rockis in my house, they look like are improving very fast, the only missing thing is multi-room sync, I believe I should not be hard to write a smartapp to use it with SmartThings, it has an api to send an stream and to stop music.

I have release an generic Media Renderer device type to use some cheap speakers. try it


This is definitely interesting. I’ve been looking for a cheap alternative to SONOS and haven’t been able to find one. Heck I was tempted just to start my own business, make my own stupid speaker system, connect it to smartthings, and sell them for way cheaper than sonos with more functionality than sonos and make tons more money. Sonos is nice and all, but it’s WAY overpriced.

Dont buy Rocki’s, they suck, now i have 5 paperweights in my desk …

…(unless you only use spotify and are a premiun user)

Actually, I have multiple and haven’t had any issues with them - I use Tuneblade to stream the output from my PC and play it throughout the house. Occasionally they get out of sync with TuneBlade, but if you pause the stream momentarily it fixes it. You can also use iTunes to play music on them directly (they show up as individual speakers you can select within the program).

havent tried it with itunes, gonna try it later today :slight_smile: