Sonos text to speech question

I’ve toyed with the use of the Sonos and a multi-sensor to trigger welcome messages when we arrive home. That work great!

I have football drafts coming up at my house and would like to use the Sonos and Smartthings to trigger frist round draft picks. Looking at IFTTT it doesn’t seem to have much in terms of Sonos interactions. Anyone have or can think of a good method to make the Sonos play either text messages or emails?

Any help would be appreciated.

Most of the solutions I’ve seen involve complicated setups where you basically hijack the WordPress xml-rpc endpoint using a nodejs app to direct arbitrary audio to the Sonos. Matt Welch has a pretty solid example on github that he was originally using on a Pi, then a Mac, but I would imagine you can use on Windows as well since they have a nodejs installer for all platforms.

thanks for the input viguera. I got his solution working up until the point where you need to register or activate the wordpress ifttt channel, but it seems as if wordpress and ifttt got smart about this and you have to add a valid wordpress url. So It seems I am stuck at this juncture, unless someone else has a working solution.

again thanks for any input on this matter.

Interesting… The last update on this (and related threads on the sonos forums) seem to indicate this was working up until very recently (only a few weeks ago)

If something changed I’m not sure if the author can come up with a workaround, but I assume that he would know about the problem.