Publish command TO Google home?

Hi all,

This may sound silly, but I recently bought a bunch of the switch mate light controllers. I didn’t realize how severely limited their ble integrations were. The Kickstarter claims Harmony int, though o have found that this is not the case.

They do however work with Google home. Now I have Alexa, but I wouldn’t mind sacrificing an old Android phone to control the switch mate.

Is there a direct method (not involving Tasker) to send commands to Google home?


Android Assistant on iPhone works. I’m not sure if they released a separate Assistant app for Android. Or I assume Assistant on an Android Wear device.

But I’m a little confused what you want to do and how SmartThings would be involved.

So, the lights can be turned on and off with a google home voice command (this is the only integration point other than Wink 2).

I’d like to create a “switch” to turn the lights on and off in Smartthings.

Smartthings->Google Home->Switchmate

This would allow (Alexa->SmartThings / HomeAssistant->SmartThings / Harmony->SmartThings)->Google Home->Switchmate.

What protocol do they use? I just see on their site that they “don’t use wifi” but no mention of what it does use. The only other way I can think of is Bluetooth but I didn’t think Home had Bluetooth enabled.

It’s bluetooth (BLE). I’ll be using an old android phone that has bluetooth and is compatible with google assistant (google home).

From Switchmate support:

Hello Rob,

Currently our devices are compatible with the Wink Hub 2 and Google Home Conversation actions. We are working with amazon on the Alexa. as
of now, all our licensing conditions relevant to the integration of our Switchmate products with the Alexa system are complete, and are waiting on Amazon for the green light. The software is finished, and we are swiftly moving through the legal procedures
of partnership.

connect to the Google Home you
can use this integration to command Switchmate Legacy from the Assistant Apps. (Ex. “Okay Google, let me talk to Switchmate”. (pause) “Switchmate, turn on my living room lights”).

can be confirmed by opening the Google Home App
the menu in top left corner
“more settings” and scroll down to and choose Assistant Apps

will open a huge list of Google Apps that are compatible with Google Conversation Actions, and Switchmate is listed alphabetically with additional pairing information.

The 6 digit pairing code you
have seen in the Switchmate App is for Google Home’s Direct Actions (a.k.a. Assistant) a new feature that Google has been recently integrating. This is basically the Google version of Apple’s “Siri”, that allows you as a user to directly communicate with the
android devices in your life like a smart watch, car, TV, Google Home, etc. This takes the necessity for the home hub out of the equation. (Ex. “Okay Google, turn on my living room lights”).

I still haven’t figured out the best approach here. Would love to hear from anyone who has working automation for bluetooth (BLE) end point devices that may be controlled through google home or google assistant.

Any update on this. I’m curious about using smartthings to talk to google assistant.

I gave up - could not find an easy solution.

I’d like to be able to do it, to sent a “Broadcast [voice alert]”, like “Broadcast The refrigerator door is open,” or “Broadcast The oven has finished preheating.”