Google Home with Virtual Switches?

I have been using Echo with SmartThings for awhile and love it. I really like the ability of the Alexa Helper and using virtual switches to control certain devices or routines. I just got a Google Home and putting it through it paces it doesn’t natively support running SmartThings automations. Does anyone know if this is in the works or if there is an app like the Alexa Helper?


It should work with virtual switches.

The author of Alexa helper is currently working on a google home helper. :sunglasses:
He asked for community support to help purchase a Google home and the community came through. The contributors are going to be his first beta testers, but I would expect we’ll see the end result in the community before too long.


Correct…it might be sooner, but that is the current timeline.

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That’s awesome! Thanks for the quick replies

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Looking forward to the beta.

I set mine up with IFTTT and a virutal switch. Took about 10mins to do. Works great.

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