Publication request

There is anybody working to validate or approve SmartApps and DeviceTypes at SmartThings?

I created a good project and nobody have reviewed it since 13 days.

Yes, there is… And yes it takes a while. It’s much faster and easier to host the code on GitHub and create a new thread in the community linking the the two and advertising it’s availability.

To my knowledge custom devices are not currently being approved.

You can always join the developer call and ask ST directly :slight_smile:


I just saw the post where you already did this… :wink: You already have it covered.

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The process is a bit slow. You might want to check back after 13 months instead of 13 days :grin: Hopefully this will improve, but @sidjohn1 is right, your best bet for now is to just share your project in the community.


They are, though I think it may be slower then smart apps. My securifi key fob device type is in the approval process right now

It took about 2 1/2 months to hear anything back, but since then, things are moving along

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