Rboy: would like an update from you

@RBoy @maddie understand you are all busy but as a purchaser/user of your software, could you please provide some type of update.


He has had notice of the transition for 2 years, just like the rest of us…more than enough ample time to at the very least issue a statement as to plans or lack thereof, forward. He took your money and run.

I don’t believe that. I know there have been issues mentioned with samsung so just like to hear something

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He has had a statement at the Rboy website for some time. He has also had multiple posts in the forum with details about different technical issues he had run into that had to be fixed on the smartthings side. It was clear that he’s been working on it, it’s just not clear how far he’s gotten.

We can also note that there have only been a few community-created free SmartApps for the new platform, and all have run into regular smartthings – side issues as you can tell from the various author threads. So it obviously hasn’t been a smooth or easy process for anyone, whether they are profitmotivated or not. :thinking:

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@JDRoberts that stayement is an old one.

It’s been updated a few times, most recently about two weeks ago. I’m not saying the communications has been great from Rboy, pretty clearly it hasn’t. I’m just saying it has been clear that he hasn’t abandoned the efforts and that lots of authors have run into multiple issues with the new architecture.

@JDRoberts I’m not attacking him. I would just like an uodate. Thats not to much too ask for.

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Agreed. I do think there should’ve been a new update once the custom smartapps were actually shut down. That brought a number of new people to the forum. Communication at that time would have been helpful, even if it was just that they were still waiting on issues that smartthings had to fix.

I’d also like to see a statement on why he can’t just move to a hubitat based system, as Webcore and Yves Racine did. Or add one like SharpTools did. Even if it’s just that it’s not financially viable to do so. There are quite a few community members now running both platforms so that they can get their old smartapp functionality from hubitat, but keep the other parts of smartthings that they like. Since there are now at least three different ways to communicate between smartthings and hubitat (each with somewhat different features), running two systems does make sense for some people.