Alexa Integration - Use with two homes?

Hello Folks,
I am feeling rather stupid this morning.
I have two homes, In the first, I installed a ST hub and an Echo. Got them integrated months ago. Works well. I just installed a ST hub and an Echo in the second home. The only thing these two pairs of devices share, is the app on my iphone, my amazon account, and my ST account.
When I look at home-1 on the ST app, I see an automation called Alexa. When I switch to home-2, and go to automatons, it’s not there and I can’t for the life of me find a way to add it!
What the heck and I missing???

You’re not missing anything. At the present time SmartThings only exposes one location to Alexa (and to IFTTT). :disappointed_relieved: It has to do with the way they authorize third parties to access SmartThings-controlled devices.

Right now the only workaround is to set up a second SmartThings account and a second Amazon account and connect those at the second Home.

It’s in the support FAQ:

Can I control multiple SmartThings Locations with Alexa?

No, not at this time. But we are working on an update that will allow multiple Amazon Alexa devices on separate Amazon accounts to control separate SmartThings Locations.

Probably would not be able to control both from the same APP instance? That, and I can’t imagine that you can have two instances of the ST app installed on the same phone…

tagging @MichaelS - he will know the details of how and what is possible.

Using the native integration it is almost impossible to control two locations with a single app…You COULD do it with virtual switches and an REST endpoint, but that is outside of most user’s capability. Even my Ask Alexa app is unable to natively do it, except with the aforementioned virtual/API work around.

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I have ST and Wink. Wink can do it in two locations because I have it set up this way.