1 Smartthings Hub and 2 Amazon Alexa Accounts(?)

Apologize if this question/ answered has been asked elsewhere;

I have 2 family dwelling with 1 Smartthings Hub controlling all the home automation (lights, sensors, access, etc.)

I have a number of Alexa devices between and want to separate the Amazon Echo controls out to multi account to allow for direct Calling / Messaging to unique devices (rather than to the main account and ringing thru the whole home.)

Is there a way to have 2 separate accounts (ie using Household Setting in Amazon) control the automation in my Smartthings hub? (I’m trying to avoid buying a 2nd hub just to secure the separation.)

(I’ve seen others looking for 2 locations on single hub, this is similar EXCEPT my instance is 1 physical house on single Network connection across with 2 separate areas.)

Any thoughts?

Does this work? Id love to be able to connect my flatmates Alexa account as well