1 Smartthings Hub and 2 Amazon Alexa Accounts(?)

(Mabelloc123) #1

Apologize if this question/ answered has been asked elsewhere;

I have 2 family dwelling with 1 Smartthings Hub controlling all the home automation (lights, sensors, access, etc.)

I have a number of Alexa devices between and want to separate the Amazon Echo controls out to multi account to allow for direct Calling / Messaging to unique devices (rather than to the main account and ringing thru the whole home.)

Is there a way to have 2 separate accounts (ie using Household Setting in Amazon) control the automation in my Smartthings hub? (I’m trying to avoid buying a 2nd hub just to secure the separation.)

(I’ve seen others looking for 2 locations on single hub, this is similar EXCEPT my instance is 1 physical house on single Network connection across with 2 separate areas.)

Any thoughts?


If I understand your question, I think that already works just fine. When you set up the SmartThings skill on the Amazon account, You sign in to smart things, and Amazon doesn’t care if you’re already using that smartthings account with another Amazon account.

But both echo devices would have access to all the smartthings devices that you authorized For the account: is that what you want? You might be able to go through and individually delete some from each echo, but every time you do a discover new devices they will repopulate.