Problems with SmartThings App -No network connection

Hi All,

Can someone have a solution to this lag behavior? It’s very annoying and usually happens when I need app the most!


Hi @Sterian_Vlad , unfortunately ST’s app is just that slow when you have a lot on your dashboard. There are also other factors that could be impacting you, such as Quick Controls on any of those devices, as well as custom DTH’s that may need updated for the new app.

I’ve removed as much as possible from the Dashboard so it only has to update just a few devices, which are the most important to me. You might want to try the same since that seems to have helped me a lot.


What a brilliantly simple suggestion. I occasionally had similar issues and just cleaning up my dashboard has had an immediately positive impact. Thanks John!


About half the time I leave the house (go off WiFi) and then come back (go back on WiFi), if I open the new SmartThings app, it continues to report ‘No Network Connection’ even though my phone (Samsung S8) has been successfully using the WiFi since I got home. E.g., this could be hours later. It only clears up if I toggle off and on the WiFi after having opened the new app. It looks like the app is somehow missing the initial network change notification when it isn’t open.

FWIW, I’ve removed most devices from the dashboard and that has no impact on this.

It really worked somehow…I removed from favorites the unnecessary hardware and started working better.

I never thought of that :fleur_de_lis:



Glad that that helped @Sterian_Vlad .

I think this is a different situation than mine…I don’t know…

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