‘No Network’ Error on all devices when opening App

Every time I open the SmartThings app, all devices say ‘No Network…‘ for a couple seconds then Checking status and finally they all update. This slows down the functionality of the app. Is this normal? Any idea why it says No Network? Shouldn’t the hub be checking the status of the devices on its own schedule? Not just when I open the app.

It works fine afterwards.

Any ideas?

Mine is the same. I think it’s just a quirk (poor design) of the new app. The app talks to the ST cloud, not the hub so whenever you open the app it has to ask the ST cloud what the status is of devices and then update. IMO it should be updating in the background (if you enable that). However, failing that it should start with initially displaying the previous status and then update any devices that it needs to.


Well at least it is not just me. I thought I had heard SmartThings was implementing a local mode as well. They should integrate that into it to make it faster. Hubitat has that but their App took a long time to load as well. It took a long time to open, not even to update the devices - or maybe it was doing that in the background. Hopefully Samsung sees these ideas. Can’t imagine they don’t know this already.

It’s funny I had this same question. The app is so slow to update status. I just added 2 Konnected pro boards adding 24 new things to the system thereby slowing it down even more. The app is almost unusable at this point.