Problems with Schlage Connect Smart Locks and Missing Events

Hello everyone,

I’m having issues with my Schlage Connect Camelot lock and the status of it getting out of sync with the hub. I have done some reading on the forums and am not sure what I might be missing. Here’s my setup:

  • 1 Schlage Connect Camelot lock for my front door.
  • I have both a monoprice outlet as well as a GE Switch that support beaming nearby to the lock. The switch is ~ 2 feet away and the outlet is ~6 feet away.
  • I am using rboys device handler for the lock.
  • I have a run a zwave repair and verified that the path of the lock is to the monoprice outlet ==> Hub.

I have some automations setup so that if a presence sensor is detected as coming home or if the garage door opens, the lock will unlock. This seems to be working well. The issue I am having is having it lock after a set period. I’ve noticed that often times when the lock is unlocked, Smartthings still detects the lock as Locked. Due to this, the automations I have setup to lock the door after x minutes are not triggering. I am assuming Smartthings is showing it as Locked because the Unlock event was missed?

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might be missing or could try?

Thank you.

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This sounds like a classic mesh issue. Try to power cycle your ge/monoprice outlets incase one of them is having an issue. Also check the lock battery levels, for the Schlage connect lock we recommend changing the battery at 60% since the z-wave module starts having communication issues with voltages below that level and can also lead to a spontabeous shutdown as explained on the above link.