SST sees my Schlage Camelot but can't do anything with it?

So I have 3 of these Schlage Camelot locks and they all work fine. Today I installed another, activated the ZWave, ST picked it up, read the device correctly, but when I hit save I noticed that it said the door was locked. So I spent some time doing various configurations manually, logically, uninstalled, re-installed, can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone seen this before?

Current status… fresh install, ST see’s it, says door is locked. If I hit unlock it just stays there. It’s been this way for a few hours, I was hoping it was a hiccup that would sort itself out. Any feedback is welcome.

First thing… try running z-wave repair :slight_smile:

never heard of that, let me google it and check it out, thank you

For Classic app:

For new app:
Click on your hub in the device list. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, choose z-wave utilities

got it, working on it right now

stupid question, first time using it. Do you get a message when Zwave repair finishes? I don’t have any messages just the spinning thing that makes it look like it’s working.

Yes, you should get a finished message. The repair may take some time depending on number of z-wave devices you have.

Ok that was weird, ran it again and it took only a few minutes. I have multiple error messages related to device [24]? I guess I’ll uninstall that lock and try it again?

Might try running it a few times and see if error goes away.

ok current status…

Ran zwave repair 3 more times - same error messages
uninstalled lock - ran repair 3 more times - same error messages so I guess device 24 isn’t the lock and oddly isn’t the issue? I say this because all my zwave devices are working. few light switches and two garage door controllers.

I haven’t installed the lock again, I was going to. Any thoughts?

you can locate device 24 by logging into IDE at , go to My Devices and open your z-wave devices and look for the device network id looking for 24. that would be the device generating the error. just identify it but don’t rush into deleting it. also try adding your lock back, run z-wave repair and just test if you can control the lock from the app.

I have to head out for awhile so hopefully someone can step in and assist if needed

wow, I didn’t know that existed, pretty cool.

So device 24 is my side door zwave Schlage Camelot, what I’m not sure about on that one is that I can control that lock with automated routines, a manual touch in ST, and even with Alexa using IFTT.

Ok, installing back door again… DUDE! It’s working now! That’s awesome, thank you so much for your help! Not sure what happened but it’s great.

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