Problems with power outlet showing watts

OK I am using a IRIS Power Outlet using the native SmartThings Device Type. Up until the last IOS update the watts would show in the ST IOS app in the left bottom corner of the green box on top. Now the watts don’t show. I tried using the IRIS specific device type written by one of our members and have the same problem. Can someone please help. By the way the device still reports watts if I click on Recently.

Known problem - introduced with the latest SmartThings mobile app update… If you have a way of reverting back, your power display will return.

Edit: Or you can use a custom device handler that displays power as a separate tile.

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No way to revert back as the iOS backup would restore all apps not just the SmartThings app. I am sick of this updating and breaking devices. The HEM V1 device type was broken also but I fixed that one by changing the label. Thanks for the heads up. Now I am more annoyed than before.

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