Outlet not showing power consumption

It has been a while now, but my Samsung Smartthings outlet is not showing any power consumption in my android app. Otherwise it works fine. Not sure if it’s a hardware or software problem. Does this happen to anyone else?

what do you have plugged in to the outlet?

A powerful computer that consumes around 1.3kW power.

The question is. Can you turn the plug on/off with the app? If not then it’s possible the plug drop off the hub.

Does the outlet support reporting of power consumption? I don’t see anywhere in the documentation for the outlet that it does.

It was reporting power consumption when I first bought it…

We had a good amount of rain lately and I noticed one of the Iris SmartOutlets I have on one of my sump pumps wasn’t showing power in the app or in my InfluxDB/Grafana reports.
If when the pump was running I hit the refresh icon in the SmartThings app it would report the power. When the pump shut off I’d have to hit the refresh icon again to get it to show the updated power consumption (0.0W).
I had the exact same model Iris plug connected to the other sump pump and its power reporting worked fine with almost instant updates when viewing it in the app and in InfluxDB/Grafana.

I went looking at the Devices in the IDE to see if there was anything different between them. Both had current firmware. For reference both are CentraLite model 4257050-RZHAC
The one difference was under the Current States section. The one not instantly reporting power usage was missing the checkInterval variable. The working one looked like this in the IDE:
Current States
switch: on
power: 0.0
checkInterval: 720

I tried changing the non-working plug’s device type to others and back to SmartPower Outlet with no luck. I tried blebson’s Iris Smart Plug device handler and it worked pretty good but I wanted to retain local processing since my sump pump is plugged into it.
I ended up swapping the non-reporting plug w/ a brand new one I had on the shelf.

I then went around checking the rest of my Iris SmartOutlets to make sure all were reporting power consumption real-time. Some weren’t but on some I was able to fix it by changing the device type to something else and back to SmartPower Outlet. Others the only way to fix it was to delete the device and re-add it. What’s weird is that on some that are working correctly and showing the power consumption (in the app and reporting it to InfluxDB) some have the checkInterval variable in the IDE and some don’t.
Perplexing to say the least.

I think the checkinterval is not that old so you probably have to remove and add the device to get that parameter and not just changing the DTH.

I did have to remove a couple of my outlets for checkInterval to show up but it never did show up for the original outlet I had the problem with, after removing and adding several times. And I’m not sure that checkInterval matters in this issue but it was something I noticed when troubleshooting this problem.