Iris Smart Plug 3210-L and new SmartThings Wifi and Hub

Newbie here. I just bought the new Samsung WiFi with built in SmartHub and I am trying to connect my first device which is a IRIS 3210-L Smart Plug. Within the app on the Device Page i see a new device show up called Thing but it only says Checking Status and when I select Thing i get a message in the app that say Can’t Connect to device, Check device and try again. Any ides what is wrong or any pointers for me. I have read through some of the existing posts but I don’t see this exact issue.

I renamed the device from Thing and changed the type to SmartPower Adapter and I am able to control the outlet. My question now is how do I know what I am supposed to be seeing in the app as far as power meter goes,etc… I have a fan plugged into it but it only shows Power Meter and 0 W. Also I was able to change the type to IRis using the published device i created but then i can’t control the outlet

Install the SmartThings Classic app and use it. See if you get more capabilities :slight_smile:

Hello, when everything is correctly configured you should use smart power outlet so that everything runs local.

If you click the refresh button you see the data correct?

So here is the confusing part, for the Outlet to push data to the hub it needs a report command that apparently is only ever sent once, when the device is paired.

If the device comes up as thing it was not sent this report command.

You need to find a community device handler that will send this command on pairing. Once paired and sending data, can change device to smart power outlet for local operation.

I have an iPhone and I can’t get the classic app from the App Store

Search for “SmartThings Classic “