Problems with apps, both new and old

So…I didn’t know there WAS a community until today. I registered and started poking around. The only “support” I have used thus far is a live chat session shortly after I bought the hub and started using it. I was looking for a forum of some sort to find an answer to a problem…

I have a fairly new ST setup (only a couple months) and it has been working great with the “Classic” app which I installed a couple months ago.

A week or two ago I got the “new things coming” email. I saw the message about not having to do anything until I was told. Several more days go by without an issue.

Then the Classic app just stopped working. Like it was locked up or couldn’t connect somehow. It would eventually time out and say I could try again or log out. I tried both. Once I logged out, I couldn’t log back in. It went on for a day or so. I was able to log back in then, but I couldn’t control anything. That went on for another day or two.

All this time I had no idea there WAS a forum and the chat folks are only there during normal business hours. I haven’t had time to reach out so I lived with it.

After a couple days I thought to myself “well maybe they shut it off and moved me to the NEW app without notifying me?”

So I downloaded the app (Classic was still broken) and it let me log in. However, it hasn’t worked right since I installed it. It would see some devices not others. All my scenes were gone. It would turn some on devices but not others. It hasn’t worked with my garage door opener ever. It was junk.

Now I find this forum and see it’s not just me. I also see there are even login issues with the old app which I had already deleted from my phone.

Just for kicks after poking around in here I reinstalled the old app and all is working again…:wink:

It would be AWESOME if all registered users got PUSH emails when there was a known issue with ST. Even if the app isn’t working at least we’d know about a system issue and not try to frantically reach support or think it’s just us. Just a thought…

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Lots of network issues lately.

edit: Also, use the old app until they specifically tell you that you’ve been migrated to the new app. (It’s a different system)