Problems with a GE Switch

I had a GE paddle switch working in the living room. Decided to switch it with a GE Dimmer. The dimmer is working fine. I moved the paddle switch to another room. I wrongly assumed that I needed to pair it again. I tried a few different things. Seemed that the hub was confused. For awhile it continued to show as the living room. But something happened and now it shows as a plug but does not work.

I thought I would remove it from the hub and re-install.
I am having trouble removing it. When I click on remove then uninstall the exclusion mode active just spins. Should I force delete?

I would try doing a force delete, followed by excluding it with general device exclusion (Location -> Hub -> Zwave Utilities), then trying to re-pair it.

Yeah, make sure it’s excluded. If you force delete the device, that will remove it from your z-wave network, but the device itself will still think it’s part of a network and refuse to pair with a new one until it’s excluded.

Generally speaking it’s a good idea to get your hub as close to your device when including/excluding (like 15 feet or less… direct line of sight) if you can.

I’ve also found that sometimes “double tapping” the switch when excluding/including will help.

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