Installed new ge zwave dimmer paddle, hub cannot find it

I have searched and searched, must not be using the correct terms. I just installed new Ge dimmer paddle zwave switch, the hub cannot find it. Tried add a thing, add manually, pulling air gap letting sit, turning on and off during search, ect. hub cannot find it. Any tips? it is not far from hub, 25’. links used to work there, other devices much farther away.

Try a general device exclusion

Then try to add it

I don’t know how to do that. The switch is brand new and has never been included with hub.

Follow the instructions in the link above, when you run device exclusion, press the paddle on the dimmer switch. Then attempt to add your device.

Sorry, I am a little slow at this. I do not find/know the devices tab. I looked at that link you referred to but not sure how to get to that spot.

Oh wait! Are you using the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app by chance? If yes, it is highly recommended that you install the SmartThings Classic app instead.

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i actually am using the classic app, i believe. it says smartthings classic, is the installed app.

I think jkp’s link was for the new app. Try this link

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