Problems resetting SmartThings motion and openclose sensors

I have original “SmartSense Motion Sensor (original model)” and open close sensors (aaaa batteries) that I can’t get to add to my “new v2” hub. I’m in US. I got the square 2014 motion sensor reseted but can’t get the others. I’m right next to the hub. I’ve tried removing the batteries and 1) holding the button while putting in and letting go of button when lit and 2) putting batteries in and holding button - they never flash.

Sometimes they get added but none of the info is there in the device window and it has the cloud icon crossed though it. And they don’t sense motion.

Here’s a pic with the button (red) and led (blue) circled for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Moving all the zwave devices was easy using a new old stock ge remote with the exclude mode.

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I also have 2 Samsung older water leak sensors that I was able to move to V2 hub w no issues

All the sensors were working in v1 hub and I can’t get the 2 in the first post to hook up to either now.

If this all goes crappy, what are some good o/c sensors? If possible without button batteries? But I guess whatever.

I got the original posting sensors to work. I found the original instructions. To reset hold button for 6 sec. then you can add normally.

i know this is an old post but i’m in the same boat right now. did anyone else figure out how to get the original ST motion and multis to work with a V2 Hub? thanks in advance.

Look at the post above yours. Press for 6 seconds. Original manual pic posted there