How to reset older ST sensors (from ~'14 or '15)?

Hi…I’m migrating from the V1 hub to the V3 hub, and I lost my original manual for my ST sensors. My open/close ST sensor is rectangular and takes a CR2 battery (not a coin battery), and the motion sensor takes a CR123 battery. I can’t find any “Connect” button…and searching here and all over the internet, I can’t seem to find the instructions. Do I just delete it from the V1, pull the battery for 10 secs, and then scan for it with the V3 hub?

It would help if Samsung hadn’t wiped out all the old support links that folks post to help…that killed probably 50% of the helpful posts in this community.


Unfortunately, that usually will not be enough. Most Zigbee devices need to be properly RESET before they can be joined to a new Zigbee Controller (i.e. your new ST v3 hub.)

It would help if you could share some pictures of your sensors and the model numbers on them. Hubitat has a decent database of device ‘Join and Reset Instructions’ that may help as well.

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Thanks. The “open/close” multisensor is a 3300-S. The motion sensor is the same family/configuration. The instructions say to push the “Connect” button…but the only button is the tamper switch button. I’m guessing that’s it.

Just being careful. I’ve already got one zwave switch that went to the twilight zone during the exclusion process (Smartthings says it worked, but the switch is refusing to be found in the inclusion process. An identical switch worked just fine in the process 5 mins earlier. Wish there was a master reset)

Yep, I actually have one of those old ST 3300-S sensors in my spare devices collection. I just reset it by removing the battery, pressing and holding the small silver/metal recessed button near the battery, inserting the battery, and releasing the switch when the LED illuminated. The LED then started to blink periodically, which usually indicates that the device is ready to be paired.

Good Luck!

Cool…thanks! I wondered if it also involved button pushing and battery replacement (saw some general hints to that online, but nothing that confirmed it).