Problems Logging into IDE

Anyone else having issues logging into the IDE right now?

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Yup - and I need 10 characters to post…

it is letting me in so maybe it is limited to particular shards. NA01 here

I’m in now.

What was it doing?

When I tried to log in this morning, the user / password prompts in the text boxes didn’t clear when I started typing, and the “sign in” button was unresponsive. I tried again after an hour or two and it worked as normal.

(NA04 shard)

I believe there was an issue with Samsung accounts issue between 9:00 and 9:10 PM EST.

I was getting a 500 error and I was using Samsung login. Just got unlucky I guess.

Last evening I tried to log in using the Login tab at the top right of the page and it would not let me. I then tried the login link in the body of the text and it let me log in.