Logging in to IDE Site. *&^%$%^&* (October 2018)

I am having issues with the changes to the IDE Site. The site will not recognize me. I have yet to migrate to the new Samsung Account so I use the other tab to log in. I keep getting the same “user name or password not recognized”. So out of desperation I tried to reset the password and they won’t even send me the email to do that. I have checked my email address (that I have using for 10 years) and it is correct. I have input a support email to Samsung, but from what others have reported about the support site I have no faith that I will ever hear back from them. Maybe I’m wrong, we will see. Any help from you guys is appreciated. Should I take the plunge and sign up for the new account? I have never been informed from Samsung that I should do that.
Anyway Thanks, Sorry if I sound frustrated. It is not any fault of yours.

Did you try the Samsung option?

Yes, It didn’t work either.

I just got into the Samsung account and everything is OK… So those of you who were worried about me can stop. I have logged into the Samsung and my location is listed and active. Thanks

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I have the exact same issue today. Can’t login to the IDE, username or password not recognized and password reset does not send an email. Still have not migrated to the new account and have not received an email or notification to do so. Logged in on the app and all is good there. Guess I’ll wait it out for a bit but yes this is frustrating.

The migration message isn’t provided by email. It’s a prompt in the Classic app. And if you joined after May 2017, there is no migration.

Thanks, was not aware of that. I joined after that time so no migration is good … still can’t login though :frowning:

Are you choosing the Samsung account option?

No the smartthings account.

You probably a Samsung account of you joined after may 2017

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Yes, you’re right, the new login choice threw me.

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