IDE Logon Problems?

Is anyone having problems logging into the IDE right now? All of a sudden I’m seeing a different logon screen, and my password is not being accepted. Yes, my account was already migrated a few months ago.

EDIT: working now! I just saw a quick password error and then a new “I’m not a robot” checkbox. Looks like the logon screen has changed (again).

Hey John - Glad it’s working. More info can be found in this thread:

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Strange behavior after IDE Logout.

  1. Using Windows 10 with Firefox go to; gives option to use Samsung or SmartThings account

  2. Successful Sign in with Samsung account,shows IDE

  3. Click “Logout” dropdown in upper right corner, get logged out

  4. Click “Login” in upper right corner

  5. gives option to use Samsung or SmartThings account

  6. Click Samsung and it does not ask for credentials but goes directly to the IDE

This is due to Samsung accounts acting as an Identity Provider (IDP). If you go to, you will see that you are still signed in.

This is similar to if you use Google or Facebook to sign into a service. If I choose to sign into Dropbox via Google, if I sign out of Dropbox, it does not sign me out of my Google account.

The team is aware of the confusion this creates and I believe working to improve the experience.