New ST App is very clunky vs Classic App

I have tried to get used to the new ST App but for some reason I can’t pull up any of my devices even though the cards are showing per room but if I click on Devices I see nothing. I am switching back to the classic application because the lack of support from Samsung. They need to make an application that is easy to move around in kind of like the classic app.

Since I just switched back (While writing this message), and my mode back to my ST hub and I can see everything. What the heck??? As everyone can see I know how to switch modes and see my devices but not on or in the new ST app.

Do I have to update to the new hubs? Is that the problem or does Samsung want us to search for other IoT device management solutions? Please fix this so normal users can manage their devices. I have a degree in computers and this application makes no since and useless with no way to manage your devices.

any chance you have two Home Locations with one being empty? You can login to IDE and click on My Locations to check.

Also, it is possible you just need to contact ST support and request they sync up the data between the two apps.

Thanks for the reply.

So I logged into IDE and I see “Home” (This is for my Samsung TV) and Home Smartthings listed. I only see 1 Smartthings home listed. Maybe a sync of some kind can help. Again thanks for the help.

If you switch Location in the STSC, you should see all your devices (minus the TV)

Not true or at least not in the app. I have switched and I see nothing.

Kind of funny that I can see all devices in the old ST application but not in the new. Yes and this includes me switching locations in both applications.

contact ST support :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s was I was thinking if I want to use the new application.

Thanks for the help.