Problem with Zigbee Switch Version 2024-07-02T16:49:12.701270358

Hello all,

Recently the driver for Zigbee Switch was pushed to my home hub and all my Sylvania / Levance / Osram RGB lighting devices have lost all functionality, they can only be turned on and off, but no color picker or dimming options appear. I removed and re-added one of the devices, and the updated color picker etc appeared, but within hours went back to reduced functionality in the app.
I can only think of removing all the aforementioned devices - clearing all remnants of the broken instantiations and hoping it holds without reverting. My hesitation to do this is given by the amount of devices I would have to troubleshoot - might as well start from scratch on another platform.

You might want to try the “ZigBee Light Multifunction Mc” driver with your problem lights.

Download the driver using the attached link and they try switching drivers for each problem light.