Problem with my hub

From 5/7 days my hub v2 don’t work… every 5 minutes it goes offline!
I try to make a reboot (with button and without power) but I have always the problem.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.


Try rebooting by turning power off AND removing the batteries if you haven’t already done so.

Please reach out to SmartThings support. They can help.

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@bobbles I try to make it, but the hub doens’t work. I don’t use batteries but power…
@johnconstantelo I live in Italy, we haven’t Samsung support here for Smartthings :frowning:

What button are you using to try and reboot?

The red one behind the hub

I had something like this happen to me a while back and it turned out be another network device that was trying to use the same IP address as the hub. Hope it helps.

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It’s possible… How do you solve this problem?

First you will need to verify that is what is happening. I think at the time I was able to verify with Fing but you might be able to verify with connected devices in your router as well. You should be able to reserve and IP address on your router if it is indeed duplicate IP addresses.

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I try from the router but Smartthings hub is always offline… I don’t know if I see it on the router…

I see on my router, I have two devices with same ip number. Now I try to disconnect the other one and I would see if the hub works.
If is the problem, how can I resolve?

On my hub I am able to do DHCP reservation.
If you can I would do this.
This means that your hub will always use the same ip address and no other devices will be able to use that address.
For information I do this for all my smart home devices and I don’t get any issues.

How can I do it?

On my hub I go into the settings for the hub and there is a section for DHCP reservation. I then do the reservation there.
I suggest you go into the settings for your hub and have a look around to see if you can do it.
It may be labelled static ip or something like that.

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Also another thing to check is to see if the duplicate device is setting the IP address itself. So for example if there is a PC on your network, it is possible that the PC is trying to force the IP address and the router is confused. Always best to set the IP address at the router level only.

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Now hub works very good.
I must try to change other device’s ip address.
I’m very happy, thank you at all!

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Also make sure that no 2 devices on your network have the same network name.

I see it but the name is different.
I have problem because on the other device I can’t change ip address.
Can you help me to change hub ip address?

You can only change it in your router. Give it a fixed (static) address there to whatever you want (but part of the allowed pool), unplug hub and plug it back. You might also have to restart router.

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I’m not shure I can make it… I don’t find where I can make it inside my router!!!