Problem with light automation

I am trying to setup a simple light automation. Between a certain time if motion is detected in driveway & then the pathway, yhe ligt qill turn on. I did this in the new app. It has not worked. I uninstalled my ring devices & re installed them & it still does not work. So tonight i tried ro set up same automation in smart lighting in the new app, but the problem is when i select the light to turn on, there is next or save button to tap, only a cancel button.
So i tried the same automation in the old smart lighting in classic app & it worked.
I am totally confused.

There is nothing to be confused about, the new app is not ready for prime time.


@sidjohn1 you are so correct. I just hope things start getting fixed soon.

Smart Lights in the new app works fine for me. I’m guessing there was a required field not filled in and the UI didn’t clearly indicate it was required.