Bug in new app: Smart Lighting not showing options like "What do you want to do?" correctly

I am having all sorts of problems trying to add a new lighting automation

Basically I want to turn on a device at a specific time.
I select “New Lighting Automation” in Smart Lighting and select a device under “Which Devices do you want to control?”.

At that point it SHOULD show “What do you want to do?” and let you select “Turn On”, “Turn Off”, or “Mirror Behavior” - but it doesn’t always.

If I click next it takes me to the screen where you can Edit automation name and the default name is “Turn null " followed by the device name”

If I click “<” to go back, it now shows “What do you want to do?” and “Select trigger”

I choose At Specific Time, but it doesn’t let me enter the time!

If I click “Next” I get this screen… WTF?

If I click “<” to go back I get this “…having trouble…” and the app locks up

When I get back into the Smart Lighting app it has created an automation called “Lighting Automation”.

Sometimes it works perfectly but it is a royal pain in the a$$

Anyone else having similar problems?

EDIT: It acts screwy on my Samsung TAB A tablet just like on my Samsung S8 phone…

Same issues. iOS 14 iPhone 11

Thanks - I wondered whether it was related to Android OS but apparently not.
Smart Lighting has always been dependable - I wonder why this problem popped up?!?

I just tested and can reproduce this on Android. It appears to be a bug in the plugin that the new app uses to display Groovy-based SmartApps.

FWIW, it works fine in the Classic app.

Sometimes it works fine in the new app and all of the correct options appear at the right times.
It almost seems random as to whether it will act properly when adding a new lighting automation…

In the new app, I tested several times and I found this always made it work (at least for me):

  1. Go into “Which devices do you want to control?”, select your device, and then select “Done” to exit the screen.
  2. Immediately go back into “Which devices…?” and select a second device (any device) and select “Done” again.
  3. When it exits the 2nd time, the “What do you want to do?” will show up.
  4. Now go back into “Which devices…?” and just select the devices you want.

After that I was able to select other options without it fowling up.

Thanks, but I still run into a problem when I select the Trigger e.g. “specific time” and select the time - when I click NEXT to proceed to the screen to Edit the automation name, sometimes it hangs up and I get the “We are having trouble connecting…” (see above screenshots) and then I have to close the ST app and come back to find an automation called “Lighting Automation”. I usually can edit that to complete the process.
This really needs to be fixed!! Who wants to jump through hoops when it used to work perfectly…

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I don’t know if anyone is tracking this anymore, but this has become completely unusable with voiceover.

Among other things, when you change screens it now randomly assigns focus, usually to something in the middle of the page, other times to something that isn’t even selectable.

A person who is blind will have no idea if they have been through all of the options on the page.

A person without visual challenges who is using voiceover because of mobility issues will just be frustrated.

But in either case, it’s now completely unusable and it didn’t used to be. :disappointed_relieved:


In the following image, I have no idea what that square is that has focus, but selecting it doesn’t do anything and it makes the page unusable.

The point of this next screenshot is that when you first arrive at this page focus is on a field partway down the list. It should be at the top of the page.

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Who changed the title for this topic??

It is not what I originally titled it (which I can’t even remember now) :confused:

Not really important but just curious.

I moved it to the subsection on the new app since it’s specific to that. I didn’t change the title, though.

That explains why I couldn’t find it under “Smart Apps and Automations” when I selected by category :smirk:

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I did, trying to make it more descriptive of the problem.

Thanks for the heads up @JDRoberts - can you confirm that you’re on the newest release that just came out: 1.7.55.x ?

@ronczap can you please confirm what version of the app you’re running and on what OS? Want to make sure the bug ticket I submit is accurate.

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Thanks @blake.arnold

My app version is (the latest version in Play Store) running on Android version 9 on Samsung Galaxy S8

I’ll have my aide check tomorrow.

That’s my exact same setup. There’s no newer version for me in either of the Play store or the Galaxy store.

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I also checked the Galaxy Store…

Thank you @jlv, @JDRoberts, and @ronczap. This is really helpful. Getting a bug ticket in for it now.

@blake.arnold you guys already have a fix for at least one of these issues being tested. Check my ticket # 20101601092.

To work around this bug with the first step to choose the action not showin, go back into devices and choose another or unselect the device, then go back in again and choose the device(s) you actually want. Third time is a charm.