Lighting automation issues

Anyone else having issues adding a new lighting automation ? Mine is all over the place, box’s for info are failing to show unless you hit next and go back, if you get lucky and fill in the details you need, hitting next just gets stuck on a spinning timer

iOS or Android?

App ver

Been dodgy for a while JKP but currently its unusable and I have to force close the whole app

Just received a small update for St but nothing visible changed

I have noticed that the Smart Lighting smartapp in the New ST App ( iOS) is a bit dodgy about displaying data entry fields as one attempts to build a SL rule/automation. For example, when one selects a Button device as a trigger, the data entry fields for ‘Button Number’ and ‘Type of Button Event’ are not immediately visible. I had to go back into the SL app and then the additional fields were visible and could be configured.

Yup same in Android Ogie

Try doing what you want in the new ST Scenes. They will run natively without requiring a Cloud app to process.

Not sure this is true…? :thinking:

The ONLY automation that can now run locally (i.e. “without requiring a Cloud app to process”) on the ST v2/v3 hub is the SmartLighting SmartApp – if, and only if, all of the devices’ DTHs are running locally as well -AND - only if SmartLighting is available in your region.

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Found something interesting

Using the + symbol on the main page, selecting smart app, smart lighting, I was able to setup a lighting automation no issue

Using the top left 3 lines , automations, smart lighting, the automation building displays inconsistencies