Problem with Fibaro FGS-222 - momentarily

Been struggling for a while with the Fibaro FGS-222 relay (2x1,5kW).
My intention is to use this as a input to my system. No load is connected to this unit.
I have two switches connected, one for each relay channel.

I have installed the device handler:

Seems to be working fine with both switches if I use the switch in ON/OFF mode.
I want both use the switches as momentarily switches.
When I try to change the paramter 14 to 0, as I have seen is this option, the physical switches stops working. I can still control the relay from my app.

Does anybody have a suggestion for me in this frustrating task? :slight_smile:

I use this device with good results.

Thanks for the replies!
Seems like Dimmer 2 might be a better option! Will try the device handler linked in the first reply…

The Fibaro is connected to the L and N (230V).
And the momentary switches is connected to S1 and S2. I believe it is correct, it works when it is not set to momentarily!

Thanks for the reply!
Tried your handler, when i change the paramtert 14 to value 0, the physical switches stops working.
When the value is 1, the switches work.

Here is how it’s connected:
Do i need to connect L to the IN, even though there is no load?

I did a full factory reset earlier today! Hold B-button while powering on, then turn power on/off. Then i removed it from the Hub and relinked.
Before I did this nothing worked no matter what paramteres i used (probably messed too much with settings). After reset it works unless paramter 14 is set to 0.


The L on the bottom is the live for the switch! :slight_smile: Both N and L live is connected the Fibaro.

In toggle mode Relay 1 turns on when switch 1 is held, and turned off med relased. The same for switch 2.
I can see this in the history in the Smartthings app.

When paramter 14 is set to 0, nothing happens when using either switches, but it is still possible to trigger it from the Smartthings app! Frustrating and weird problem…

I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning! Full reset, then move straight to your suggested handler! :slight_smile: Thanks for your help! :smiley:

Finally got it working after two more resets!
But as you guys have said, it is limited. I am gonna use these two switches to control my 11 GU10 Hue lights in the livingroom (split into two zones, one for each switch).
But the on / off function of this relay is not good enough.

So if I install a Dimmer 2 instead, I will be able to Dim the individual zones? Or at least sete preset scenes?

All right! Thanks! Seems like dimmer might be the way to go!
I’ll be using these switches to control 11 Hue lights in the celing, så no load will be connected.
But will buy a dimmer and make differente scene with colors,zones and setpoints. :slight_smile: