Fibaro FGS-212: trouble sending commands to it

I have installed a Fibaro FGS-212 (1x,2,5 kW) for my bathroom lightning fixture with socket outlet.

After struggling to make it a momentarily switch, I reset and repaired the device, this is what I did:

First I used this device handler, to be able to set parameter 14 to momentarily. ([deleted])

Then I immediately switched the device handler to:

Now: The momentarily switch works. And I am able to turn the relay ON/OFF from the app.

BUT: I am not able to control it through LightningAutomation (motion sensor), CoRE or Remotec Scenemaster.

The log from when I try to trigger the relay from Motion or Scene Master:

00:59:05: debug off()
00:59:05: trace stopAction()
00:59:05: trace stopAction()
00:59:05: trace ambientLightOK = true
00:59:05: trace timeOk = true
00:59:05: trace timeWindowStop = null
00:59:05: trace timeWindowStart = null
00:59:05: trace daysOk = true
00:59:05: trace modeOk = true
00:59:05: trace buttonHandler(button: pushed, [buttonNumber:3])

Nothing seems to be sent to the relay. But in the device event log, it says:
APP_Command : OFF / ON.

When I trigger the relay directly from app (works):
Parsed MultiChannelCmdEncap(bitAddress: false, command: 3, commandClass: 37, destinationEndPoint: 1, parameter: [255], sourceEndPoint: 1) to [[‘name’:switch1, ‘value’:‘on’, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘Bad Bryter’, ‘descriptionText’:Bad Bryter switch1 is on]]

Z-wave switch handler did the trick! Thanks!

I’m also having problems with this relay - I’ve tried custom device handlers (which actually appeared to be worse) but even with the native Zwave Switch handler, webCore only turns the relay on about 1 out of 5 times. Turning it on manually from within the SmartThings app, works every time without fail though. At first, I thought the issue lies with my piston, but I created a simple piston and after running it numerous times, I realised that the issue has to be elsewhere.
Any ideas what else I should be looking at?

I’ll try that, thanks Robin.


Do you have any luck with the fgs212? I am using the fgs212 device handler but not able to set the param 14 value to 0 as mine is momentary switch

it is the param14. As I am using momentary switch I need to be able to set param14 to 0 as the default is 1. 1 is for toggle switch

So I had the same issue with the Fibaro 212 relay custom device handler where I was using it to control an outdoor light but though I could control the light via the ST app it wouldn’t be turned on/off by automation routines, SmartApps and webCoRE. I then changed the handler to the generic z wave switch handler and it worked immediately. Worth noting that I have never changed any parameters for the relay.