Fibaro FGS-212: trouble sending commands to it

(Stian André Høynes) #1

I have installed a Fibaro FGS-212 (1x,2,5 kW) for my bathroom lightning fixture with socket outlet.

After struggling to make it a momentarily switch, I reset and repaired the device, this is what I did:

First I used this device handler, to be able to set parameter 14 to momentarily. (

Then I immediately switched the device handler to:

Now: The momentarily switch works. And I am able to turn the relay ON/OFF from the app.

BUT: I am not able to control it through LightningAutomation (motion sensor), CoRE or Remotec Scenemaster.

The log from when I try to trigger the relay from Motion or Scene Master:

00:59:05: debug off()
00:59:05: trace stopAction()
00:59:05: trace stopAction()
00:59:05: trace ambientLightOK = true
00:59:05: trace timeOk = true
00:59:05: trace timeWindowStop = null
00:59:05: trace timeWindowStart = null
00:59:05: trace daysOk = true
00:59:05: trace modeOk = true
00:59:05: trace buttonHandler(button: pushed, [buttonNumber:3])

Nothing seems to be sent to the relay. But in the device event log, it says:
APP_Command : OFF / ON.

When I trigger the relay directly from app (works):
Parsed MultiChannelCmdEncap(bitAddress: false, command: 3, commandClass: 37, destinationEndPoint: 1, parameter: [255], sourceEndPoint: 1) to [[‘name’:switch1, ‘value’:‘on’, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘Bad Bryter’, ‘descriptionText’:Bad Bryter switch1 is on]]

(Robin) #2

Have you tried using the built in Zwave Switch handler?

I haven’t got a single relay to test, my handler above is for the double relay?

The built in Zwave switch handler works for my double relays. For S1 that is.

(Robin) #3

Also, when you used my 222 handler you would have sent extra parameters to your 212 that don’t not apply to the 212.

The parameters that do apply to both devices are the same numbers and descriptions, so that part would be fine.

The extra parameters used by the 222 would have also been sent though.

I know, for example, that trying to send an association command for group 4 to a 222 (which only has 3 groups) causes crazy behaviour.

Maybe the same applies when sending unrecognised parameters?

(Stian André Høynes) #4

Z-wave switch handler did the trick! Thanks!

(Robin) #5

That’s good… Added bonus is that it will work locally on that handler as well.

If you stick with the smart lighting app and a sensor that also runs locally, then you can reduce automation lag from a few seconds down to milliseconds!

(Hendre) #6

I’m also having problems with this relay - I’ve tried custom device handlers (which actually appeared to be worse) but even with the native Zwave Switch handler, webCore only turns the relay on about 1 out of 5 times. Turning it on manually from within the SmartThings app, works every time without fail though. At first, I thought the issue lies with my piston, but I created a simple piston and after running it numerous times, I realised that the issue has to be elsewhere.
Any ideas what else I should be looking at?

(Robin) #7

If it works in the ST app there really shouldn’t be a reason for smartapps to struggle.

Do the likes of routines / smartlighting app play nice?

(Hendre) #8

I’ll try that, thanks Robin.

(Lik Toung Kho) #9


Do you have any luck with the fgs212? I am using the fgs212 device handler but not able to set the param 14 value to 0 as mine is momentary switch

(Robin) #10

When you say “not able” can you describe what you are trying and what is happening?

(Lik Toung Kho) #11

it is the param14. As I am using momentary switch I need to be able to set param14 to 0 as the default is 1. 1 is for toggle switch

(Robin) #12

Just use the Zwave tweaker device handler to change the parameter, and then change back to the generic Zwave switch hanndler.

(Robin) #13

(Fred) #14

So I had the same issue with the Fibaro 212 relay custom device handler where I was using it to control an outdoor light but though I could control the light via the ST app it wouldn’t be turned on/off by automation routines, SmartApps and webCoRE. I then changed the handler to the generic z wave switch handler and it worked immediately. Worth noting that I have never changed any parameters for the relay.