Fibaro Dimmer 2 Integration


I’m about to make a leap into HA, and owing to already owning a Sonos and Logitech Hub, SmartThings seems like a good bet.

My first DIY job will be adding Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules behind 2-way momentary switches on most of my lights. However, in concerned that this is going to be a stressful operation owing to the lack of ‘official’ support. Does anyone have experience of integrating these dimmers successfully? If so, the rough sequence of steps (for a total beginner) would be really appreciated.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer! I’m excited but also daunted by the task ahead!

Search says yes

We have these in our lab right now and they should be certified before the end of the year. I believe they pair and work as a basic Z-Wave dimmer. Is there any specific functionality you’re looking for?

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It is just basic dimming really. The energy monitoring is nice to have but not a requirement for me.

It is the setting of parameters that concerns me. I don’t yet have SmartThings and can’t quite figure it out from what I’ve read. Is there a simple configuration UI or do I need to use the IDE to set these parameters?

Excellent news that they should be certified soon though!

I´m looking to do exactly same thing, report here with your experiences please.

If you pair it up there are no parameters to set. The device will be programmed out of the factory with default configuration values, and the default “Dimmer Switch” device type doesn’t alter those values.

If you wish to alter the configuration parameters you can work with the forum here to create a custom device type that exposes the parameters inside of our mobile app.

Tyler, do you know if by the end of certification if you will be able to set some of the perimeters via the smart things app?

Specifically looking through the user guide for my 212 id like to be able to change the default function from a momentary switch to a toggle as toggle are the default type in the uk, and whilst replacing light switches is something i might do in the future, its hard to change everything right away. Also the dimmer duration time is configurable which would be nice to set differently for different uses.


Bump on this one. Tyler, any news on timings for official support of this product.

I’ve installed it in my main living room light, but it doesn’t play nicely on the standard device type as the Smartthings app can’t detect its on / off status properly.

I can control the light manually, but Smart Lighting apps never seem to get it right.

I have tried the custom device types, but would certainly prefer the firmware supported versions.

Many thanks

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Hi all,

I’ve just bought one of these too to give it a try. it seams to be the only way to get manual switches and integration with SmartThings in the UK.

Anybody like to update on the status of official support??

Cheers, and HNY!

Did they get certified? “before the end of the year”! Any idea how far you are off certification?

bump - I’d like to know about this too. This dimmer is the best option in the UK, especially for 2 wire lighting, but currently neither the standard paring (which doesn’t report properly) nor the custom codes I’ve found (no dimming as far as I can tell) are working satisfactorily.

Is there a custom code that supports dimming now, or is the official code on its way?

thanks, Richard


I have just shy of 20 of these in my house, with momentary switches. I’m using @rmbhatia 's custom device type. As long as you’re happy to adjust the code slightly depending on your setup then this works very well. ST detects the status perfectly, and everything works as it should.

Has anyone managed to program the second switch? it would be good to use it to run some apps.



id love an official of this, im surprised its not been done alread, no further news?


Nothing from anyone else. I’ve got as far as enabling the parameter and watching notifications come through the log when I press S1 (a great start), but not S2 - although I think this might be a wiring issue.

I don’t get much time to play, but I get the feeling this would be quite easy to do with a bit more knowledge.

both my fibaro dimmers work fine with the custom code that i believe is in this thread, i added a new one lastnight and that seemed to add with a standard fibaro dimmer type that smart things added but that didnt work at all. i changed it to the custom one and it worked again.

but it would be nice if smart things had one that worked b default with all the options working.

I had to setup my device type to work with toggle switches and the diming times and such all in the code, but it would be nice to be able to adjust this stuff from the app. they are really great dimmers

I have the Fibaro Dimmer 2 wired as it should be in the diagrams for 2 way & off, also known as roller blind mode. So I want the the top button to increase dimmer and bottom button to decrease. Unfortunately all of the code supplied in other threads does not seem to set the paramaters correctly or even allow you to turn off and on in this setup.

At the moment I can use the default SmartThings device recognition to get a simple off/on & dimmer, and the down button just works as an on/off or hold to dim, but I cannot get the top button working, presumably because it has the wrong parameters. Does anyone have any code for this setup that is verified working?

I’m fairly sure at least one other member has done this. You need to use @rmbhatia’s code, in which you can set the parameters yourself (these are hard coded).

Hey John, you’re using the same switch right; 2 way & off, up to brighten, down to dim? I’ve tried using @rmbhatia 's code but can’t seem to get the up-switch working and actually, I can’t even turn the light switch on & off with ST using that code. Only when I use the official ‘Fibaro Dimmer’ setup can I get on/off dimming working on my phone. It’s definitely a 212 and it’s wired like this:

At present, the physical swith will only allow down button to off/on & hold down to dim. Obviously the parameters are not getting set correctly. Are you able to please link the config you use?

Hi Shazbot. I’m not using a 2 way rocker switch, no. I’m just using a single push (or hold) momentary switch. As I say though, I’m fairly sure someone has made a rocker switch work.

Have you changed any parameters in Rajiv’s code? If so, which ones?