Problem Schlage Connect BE469ZP Z Wave Plus - Unknown Status after pairing

Hi there,

I just bought a new Schlage Connect lock, and after I pair it, the app show the lock as unknown and does not does anything.

I tryed to remove the device and add it again, but is the same result…

Any ideas?!

Try running z-wave repair. Click on the More tab shown in your posted image - in the lower right of the screen. Click on the Hub is Online, then choose z-wave utilities and the run repair.


Try adding a repeater within 20ft of the lock.

Thanks for your help, it worked after the repair :slight_smile:

Now it shows the status and can lock and unlock via SmartThings

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I had the same issue, and this worked, but I still can’t add a lock code to it through Smart things guest lock access. I kinda gave up on trying and found this post today after the latest update which temporarily dropped guest lock access. Anyone else having trouble adding/changing codes with this same lock?

What is the model of your Schlage lock and what device handler is assigned to it?

SCHLAGE BE469ZP CEN 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt With Alarm Inbuilt

I don’t think I have a device handler, other than what might have been the default when I installed. I can lock and unlock easily now, but can’t choose it as a lock when I go to create lock codes

There is an app that you can check out for setting user codes on locks from @rboy apps. It is behind a paywall.

Thanks. I might need to do that.