Can’t get my GE Switches to connect in the new house

I moved and before the move I removed all my GE smart switches and plugs. I’m in the new house and can’t get most of them to connect!

Before the move I contacted SmartThing’s support to make sure everything was deleted from the old hub properly but I’m still having issues. Only 3 switches out of about 20 connected!

You’ll probably have to factory reset the devices. Check your installation manual for instructions.

You can perform a General Device Exclusion on any z-wave device.

If it’s a new hub, do the general exclusion as linked above.

I’m using a different SmartThings Hub now. I gave the old one away and it’s in another state.

That’s okay. You can still go through the exclusion process on the new hub and it will exclude the switches.

See reset instructions in this article:

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