Connect GE Z Wave Switch to SmartThings

I’m switching from a monitored security system to SmartThings. I’m trying to connect my GE Z Wave switches to my SmartThings hub with no success. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve tried.
-Excluded all of my switches from the old panel
-Attempted to install per directions. Tryed pushing up on the switch, down, up and down. Tried all combinations.
-Tried excluding from SmartThings hub
-Tried to connect multiple switches with no success.
-Moved the hub right beside the switch and tried to connect it

Not having any luck at all. The lights power on and off like they are supposed to, they were connected to the old panel and connected to it right away with no problems.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

Which model are these switches?

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I just went through this procedure. First start with the switch closest to your hub and work out. Second start with pulling the air gap switch on each one, counting to 5, then pushing it back in to reset the switch. Third do a “General Exclusion” using the Classic app. When its waiting to exclude press the paddle up once. Its either going to say Device Excluded or do nothing (because it already is excluded). Fourth add the one that you just reset/excluded back in. It should add.

Repeat over and over.