GE Z-Wave Smart Toggle Switches (non-dimmer wall switch) not pairing

Migrating from Iris, and I have 3 GE Smart Toggle in-wall switches (not dimmer), but can’t get them to pair.

Before someone posts the SmartThings article about it, I have followed those instructions. Also tried moving the hub to be near the switch (less than 2’ away), and they still won’t pair.

My hub is a v3, using the SmartThings app (not Classic) to pair these devices.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Try a general device exclusion on the device, then try to add it.

Go to Devices, click on your hub, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, select z-wave exclusion


I did get a message that one device was excluded. I never saw the devices, but something obviously changed.

Afterward I tried to add a switch back again, sofar, no-joy. It does not seem to be able to detect any of the switches.

All three were working well with Iris, but staying with that software isn’t in the game plan.

model of the GE Smart Toggle?

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I took off the faceplate, it shows GE ZW4003 (the Jasco part number - Jasco does this and GE markets it under their logo). The switch is a GE 12727 … It is the toggle only version of the paddle smart switch.

It looks like this one:

After you do the exclusion, try adding it manually (Classic app) and pick the specific GE switch. You may need to flip the switch a number of times as well.

I will do when I am back where they are (I am away for a while). Thanks for the response!

They have never shown up on the app (either one), but i have done an exclusion…
And tried to add (again) using only the new app.

I am wondering if there is a problem with the z-wave radio my hub. But I have no idea of how to test that.

I’m also new to SmartThings and I just moved a few GE Z-Wave switches (and every other Z-Wave Device I own) from a Wink Hub to ST. I excluded the switches from my Wink hub, which reset the devices. Can you still control them with Iris? If you can, then they are still paired to the Iris hub and will not pair to ST. I would try to exclude them from Iris first. When you went to Z-Wave Exclusion mode did you flip the switch? For the GE toggle switch you need to only flip the switch once. You need to flip the switch so your hub knows what device it’s excluding. Just do them one at a time and try to add them one at a time. I also was more successful when I moved the hub close to the switch locations.

I did have luck. I had to do the device exclusion, I didn’t understand I had to activate each device while in exclusion mode. Now they are deleted.

Adding worked well, once they were formally deleted.

My scenario, at each device do a
up up up down - to reset the switch
run device exclusion
up - on each switch
stop device exclusion
add each device separately

There is joy in Mudtown tonight

Thanks for all the help.

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Once I got the reset, I cannot use them with Iris simutaniously. It would be nice if I can, but no joy.
Check my response (just before this) as to my EXACT technique.

I hope that helps!
… Jack

Jack, thanks for your detailed postings!!! You saved the day.