GLEDOPTO 5V USB powered strip never turns off completely

Hello, bought a few of these kits recently to accent light some shelves:

Works perfectly and easy to setup, but had a lot of the light strip left so bought a few more of the controllers from the GLEDOPTO store directly:

Again easy to setup and get into ST however when i turn these off they never go off completely, some of the LEDs remain on a low level. Controllers can’t be defective as tried and tested in various scenarios to rule that out. Only difference i can see is in the controllers that work correctly Amazon the controller model is noted as “GL-MC-001P” where as the models from GLEDOPTO themselves which don’t turn off completely are “GL-MC-001” in the IDE. Got a support request in with GLEDOPTO but was wondering if any knowledge in these forums was able to help in the meantime?

I use a Gledopto one. Search for Gledopto 5V in Aliexpress. 3 in the Ambilight + Hue section of the screen, they will never turn off completely in dark scenes.

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