Problem adding my things to the hub


I received my hub today.
I registered it under my smartthings account with the welcome key.
Then I tried to add my things.

The led in front is solid blue.
When I try searching for things, it turns solid green and never turns back to blue.

I can’t add any of the sensors. The hub can’t find them.

How can I troubleshoot this problem. Might I be doing something wrong ?
Should I enable anything on my network ?
Should I use a specific DNS ?

In fact, I don’t believe that this is a network problem because I can communicate with the hub from my phone.
I can even add my Philips hue bridge to the hub.

So what might be wrong ?


Your devices may also need to be reset to be found.✓&query=reset&commit=Search

I’ve already resetted my multipurpose sensor several times. It didn’t help.
I believe the problem is not that simple.

There is a network issue or something else which prevents the hub from searching the sensors.
How can I troubleshoot this ?

Please, I need ideas because support doesn’t help much.

my hub never goes into this state :

Green (blinking)

What it means: Hub is looking for devices to connect with

the problem was identified by the ST support team.
It is because I use Turkish on my Android phone.
When I switch to English everything is working…