Green Lights Flashing on Hub

(Justin Graber) #1

I just installed the Hub and couple things, app says hub is online, but the three green lights on the front a flashing now

(Chris ) #2

I’ve had my hub a little less than a week and have had the same thing.

(Justin Graber) #3

I think I figure it out, it was like stuck in connect things. I connect another thing and it went to solid green. I think the first thing I connect didn’t connect so had to manually do it and it didn’t think it was completed

(Chris ) #4

I don’t have a lot connected as of yet but fwiw I haven’t had any issues.

(Larry) #5

there is only one light. red is hung , booting or disconnected, blue is booted trying to connect to back end (or not connected to back end), green solid is normal, green blinking is in connect to device mode.

(sidjohn1) #6