Presense Will Not Work Until App is Opened

The app behaves as if location permission is set to “only when app is active”. But, i assure you, all the settings are turned on for background activity. See pictures.
Battery optimization is turned off. And Pause App is turned off.
It will not read the location until I open the app, then it works initially. It will NOT continue to check. If I arrive home, open the app, it arrives home. But If I keep the app open, and leave home. I will not depart, until I close the app, and reopen.
Things I’ve done: Cleared cache & storage, Uninstall/Reinstall app. Factory Reset Phone, Reinstall app - Twice.
Pixel 6 Pro - Android 14, April 2024 update.
App version

at any point did you disable/enable get location in the ST app? doubt it will make a difference on way or the other… disable it, remove app, reboot phone, reinstall app and give permissions, enable get location in ST app.

oops… forgot to mention … edit your Routines that use your presence.