Does ST app have to be open for presence to work?

Subject says it all. After weeks of troubleshooting, resetting the phone, etc, the app says I am finally home after being lost for 3 weeks in cyberspace. Now I am setting up smartapps to trigger simple tasks like turning lights on and off when I depart/leave using my phone as a presence sensor. Does the ST app have to be open for presence to work?

No, it works just fine in the background as long as you enable GPS in the background.

I don’t have gps turned on at all as it eats the batteries. I only have Location Services on so it uses the cell towers to triangulate position. Seems to be accurate enough to always know when I’m home.

Not sure if it’s ST or both my android phones but the 50% when ST thought i was in lala land. I launch the app and it updated my location.

I have an android S4, GPS is on and I have been using it as a presence sensor for 5 mos no issues. I don’t have to open the app.

No battery issues here using presence on iOS - just allow the smartthings app to use gps all the time