Android Presence not trigger when phone screen is off

Hi there,

I am having a wierd issue where my presence (phone) is not being registered when my screen is off
As soon as i unlock my phone and open smarthings (manually) everything seems to work

Using android 7.0, removed doze and battery optimization

Anyone have a idea what is happening?

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Both mine and my wife’s Pixel phones have had issues with presence recently too. As you point out when I manually open the ST app the presence will update accordingly. This wasn’t a problem until recently.

I get the same issue. My lights don’t turn on automatically when I arrive (like they should). As soon as I tap the unlock button on the side of my phone, the lights turn on within a couple of seconds.

  1. Turn Battery Saver Off
  2. Turn Location On / High Accuracy

See if that helps.

As WB70 says, try

It would also help to know what phone you use. Not all are the same.
On my S8 I also had to add Smartthings to the Unmonitored apps. It’s been like 3 months of perfectly working on 2 phones. Also be aware that location in/out has approx 80 meters radius.

Any results from turning off battery saver? I only mention this because I currently have High Accuracy turned on.

My Pixel XL, latest OS, doesn’t always change mode based on my presence, so it triggers the alarm when I enter.

I am switching back to having my door locks change mode, and only use presence to change mode when we leave.

I’m sure there is some extra drain, but I didn’t see anything significant. After a full day, both my wife and I have 30-60 % battery left, depending on usage.
Don’t know about Pixel, but trying is free.

Thank you Nomad. I was wondering if turning this feature off helped with the presence problems people were experiencing.

Battery saver will close any app and services it depends on. As such, the app cannot perform any functions anymore.

I tried all of it, dissapointed so far, so i went and use LIFE360 Instead
Btw i was using a note 5.

Turn Battery Saver Off
Turn Location On / High Accuracy

I’ve already done this and although it is better, it is still completely unreliable unfortunately.

Sometimes lights come on as I’m driving up the street. Sometimes once I walk in the house. Sometimes not at all!

It would also help to know what phone you use. Not all are the same.

OnePlus 3T running latest Android (Oreo)