Presence Tag problem

(Chrisb) #1

Weird thing happened last night… Not sure anyone else is experiencing this or not so thought I’d share…

Yesterday, right at about 9:00pm eastern, both my presence tags showed as left. Now, I know that it isn’t uncommon for a tag to “roam” … leave and then come back later. But I thought it was odd that they both left within seconds of each other. Furthermore, they are both STILL showing as gone, 14 hours later.

The only unusual thing that I’ve done with them is replace the battery in one of the devices. However, when I did that (7 hours before this event) it showed as present right away and stayed present until this event happened.

The temp here in Michigan has dropped recently so while you might wonder if the temp might have something to do with it, I can easily rule this out. The tag that I replaced the battery in has been in the house the entire time. Range can’t be a factor either as this tag is currently laying directly on top of the Hub.

Anyone else have a problem with their tags?

(Andrew Urman) #2

have you tried to beep them?

(DawgOnKing) #3

Both of mine departed last night a 3AM and returned 1 minute later. I’m assuming they went out to check the mail…

(Im Brian) #4

I’ve popped batteries and they seemed OK since then. Thought maybe the battery was getting low so I ordered some. Haven’t had issue since, so waiting and seeing if it has issue again.

(Chrisb) #5

Yep, tried beeping them. I’m working with Ryan in support. Looking at possible interference with the ST Outlet.

(Cory S) #6

Have you changed anything with your WiFi setup at your house? When I got a new fancy AC router my tags went crazy until I did some optimizing.

(Daniel) #7

The battery life on these things is atrocious.