Is anyone having problems with the system 27/1/2015

My st is doing strange thinks. my two presence sensor are leaving and returning on the system, also are changing modes in hello house that already haven, at the point I disconnect the hub, curiously the system didn’t report the hub is offline and try to preform a welcome home and then a good night.

My presence sensors infrequently leave for a minute or two. 3-4 times in a month typically. I increased the departure delay before changing modes. Other people have moved the original motion sensor (zigbee) closer to the presence sensors to repeat them to be more reliable. I also got more presence sensors (yeah I don’t learn) and use them as redundant inputs for mode changes.

I have also never had hub offline reported. It should.

My presence sensors have always worked fine until very recently. Maybe in the last few days I’ve been getting similar results. I thought it might be because they are starting to get beat up, but now I’m thinking it might be something else.