Presence Sensors (Tags)

(Far Minded) #1

Is anyone else having problems with these, I had one of them setup in a certain mode to unlock a kwikset lock interior door, and for the last 3 days i had to disable t since it kept saying i was Coming and going and in turn locking and unlocking the door and then a push notification to my phone stating i Left I have 2 sensors , one is with a friend and she was on vacation and then got back and then in the morning I looked at my Android phone and tablet and it said she came and left over 20 times whilst she was sleeping, , Her tag just gives notification , so can get notified when she there case I don’t hear the door, But i disabled mine so it was just her’s that was doing that, Is there something going on with the Ap or the Hub is there a way to fix this at time, I have already reset the hub more than once It kept doing it the first night I had to remove the battery from my tag and then in the morning I made a new Status so It would not effect other things and then when fixed I could delete it and go back to when it was working just 4 days prior

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


(Cory S) #2

Where do you keep your tags? There is a ticket open on the support forums for this happening when humidity is high (like when it’s raining). It will also happen if you are on the outer edge of the signal range.

(Far Minded) #3

I keep them on my key chain. Both on different key chains different people . And when the sensors in same room as the hub or in house continues to to change if here or there (here/away).

(Dan Lieberman) #4

@farminded - Please send an email to to get a ticket opened so our support staff can help you start helping you troubleshoot the issue. Thanks!

(Chrisb) #5

Just got my hands on my Tags last night (I traded devices with another user) so this is my first experience with them. Just checked my logs over night and they both stayed steady as at my house for the whole night.

One thing you might want to look at doing if you familiar with writing SmartApps at all is put in a fail safe delay. I know the Ridiculously Automated Garage Door opener has this where it checks if your tag has been in the area in the last x-number of minutes, and if so, it does not trigger any events. This should minimize the chance of a false trigger. Also, on my Kwikset I have it set to automatically re-lock after 30 seconds (this is a Kwikset setting, not a SmartThings setting). So if there is an accidental unlocking of the door it only is unlocked for 30 seconds, not hours.

Obviously doesn’t solve the problem, but at least minimizes the chance of it happening, and if it does happen seriously minimizes the risk.

(Far Minded) #6

@Dan , Completed

@chrisb , they worked flawlessly a few days ago. I had the 30 sec on the Kwikset it is an interior Door, So by the time I would make it from the driveway to when I was detected it would be already re-locked using kwiksets auto 30 sec locking feature so i have it so it would unlock door when i’m there and lock it when I left.

Thank you for your time.

(Cory S) #7

Odd. Mine just started doing this too. It went offline for 8 minutes then came online for 30, then went offline for 10 minutes, all while being feet from the hub. Support had me remove it and re-add it…I’m skeptical that’d do anything about we’ll see.

(Far Minded) #8

They told me to change the channels that my router uses. , when it was working since i got them until the last updates and my Ap on Android Keeps crashing and not updating

(Chrisb) #9

Far minded… set a delay in the program for when unlock happens. I made some changes to the opener for my situation (unattached garage) and I figured I’d run into the same problem of the door relocking before I got my car parked in the garage, got out, and walked to my door. I’m experimenting with times right now. 45 seconds was too long today, so we’ll try 35 second for the next time.

The other option is to send the unlock command twice. Once as soon as the tag is detected and then once more at 31 seconds later. Of course the downside to this is that your door is now open for a minute instead of just 30 seconds.

(Carl Aydelotte) #10

My presence tag has been working great. However, today when I left for work I never did get the notification that my mode had changed to “away” like usual… I ended up setting it by hand through the mobile app. And this evening it recognized when I came home and set the mode accordingly… but it has never flip flopped like a fish as you guys are suggesting. Other than my one hiccup this morning, it has worked as designed.

(Cory S) #11

Today my wifes did the toggling thing for the first time (usually its mine). It may be a coincidence but it did it at the same time I was using the beep function to find my keys.

(Dave) #12

I got my Presence detector a couple weeks back. I paired it and it’s sat in my desk since. Last night I finally took it with me and was pleased to see it detected when I left and when I returned. I returned it to my desk drawer.

I was less then excited to see it erroneously detect me leaving and returning 4 or 5 different times today.

Battery shows 75%.

(Michael B) #13

I am having the same presence tag issue as discussed above. It showed that I was coming and going about 10 times last night even though the tag was on my kitchen table the entire time. I have created a support ticket and will post if the problem is fixed. I live in Central Canada where humidity levels are generally low.

(Chrisb) #14

Just looked thru my logs and it appears I had my first false event last night around 8:00ish. My car left and came back 37 seconds later. Now, my garage is unattached and so the signal has to go thru my car, 5 feet to the garage door, thru the garage door, 15-20 feet to the house wall, then thru the wall to get to the hub. Might have been just a little too much interference for a little bit there.

The program that I’m using with my tags will only trigger if the tag has been away for at least 10 minutes, so this keep false-events from really do anything, which is nice.

(Cory S) #15

My wifes had a lot of trouble this morning…and it stays in her purse which she sits down on the table 10 fet from the HUB. She called me freaked out because the front door kept unlocking.

(Gray) #16

Mine has been doing this, though I don’t use it at this point to do anything other than let me know when the car arrives (it’s in the glove compartment).

Several times in the past couple of weeks it’s been pushing notifications every five minutes. Kind of annoying. Maybe it is related to humidity? DC has been disgusting this summer.

(Solardave1) #17

Mine fell apart. I’m still viewing it as a solution in search of a problem. Conceptually sound but for what, I don’t know. Anyway, like I said, mine fell apart - looked at my keychain and all I had was the rubber thingy hanging on it. Did eventually find all the parts but they’re sitting in a box. Happy to put it back together (i confirmed it still works fine) and trade it for something useful if anyone is interested. Make me an offer!

(Chrisb) #18

I’ve got a tag in my car and one in my wife’s. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to have much use for them and didn’t have any with my original pack. But I starting thinking about it and decided to get a few and traded with someone else for the ones I have.

Now I love 'em. When I pull into my drive way the tags register as home. My garage door goes up, then a few seconds later my side door unlocks. After I open then close my side door, by garage automatically closes.

It’s a pretty cool setup really. It’s nice when it’s raining cause I can just dash from my garage and not have to fumble at the side door trying to unlock it.

(Alexander Lash) #19

Of my two, one was lost almost immediately by the fiancee and the other stays with me. I tend to get at least one false positive - it picks me up leaving the garage, and loses me as I go in the elevator (I’m on the 4th floor with line-of-sight out a window to my garage exit.)

I haven’t found a really compelling use for them yet - kind of wish I’d gotten multi sensors instead. Of course, I opted for four motion sensors, three outlets, and two of the tags, so…

(Solardave1) #20

As I said in another post, its a solution that doesn’t work looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.